Welcome to The Faith Project


  • God is at the center of all we do.
  • The Faith Project begins work in villages by organizing volunteer Leadership Councils, with members elected by local villagers.  
  • The Faith Project provides Leadership Training to elected Leadership Council members.
  • After completion and review of a thorough asset/needs assessment, each Leadership Council designs its village's sustainability community development plan, with input from the full village.
  • The Faith Project seeks to work in partnership with other NGO's/aide groups in the implementation of the sustainable community development plans, encouraging them to register with the villages' Leadership Councils so work can be coordinated to prevent duplication of projects and to avoid wasted resources.
  • The Leadership Council is responsible for managing individual projects, with each Council member overseeing at least one project/program area.
  • The Leadership Councils and villagers will do the hard work required to implement their sustainability plans, utilizing local people and resources as much as possible.
  • The Faith Project provides partial funding on projects, with Haitians contributing personal resources to every project implemented (financially, sweat equity, etc.)
  • Financial accountability is paramount, with Haitians providing receipts and accounting ledgers for each project.