Leadership Development

"Search me, Oh God, and know my heart; test me and know my anxious thoughts.  See if there is any offensive way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting. 

Psalms 139:23-24

Initially, The Faith Project began working with leaders from the Baptist Church in Garde Saline, as village churches serve as the center of leadership development; faith formation; community activities; and youth, adult, and family educational  programs. 

​That Leadership Council started in 2012, with nine members who were elected by the village.  In May 2016, the Council was expanded to better represent the full community, and it is now an inter-denominational, intergenerational Council. In January 2017, membership on the Council was again expanded to include representatives from other aid groups and nonprofits that have recently begun work in the village.  This Council is charged with ongoing development, implementation, and evaluation of Garde Saline's sustainable community development plan; coordinating the work among all aide groups in the village; and keeping the entire village informed of its work.

In May 2016, The Faith Project developed a Leadership Training Curriculum, in partnership with several Rotary groups from central Minnesota, and an intensive training conference was held in Garde Saline.  A group of business leaders from Ft. Liberte`, (the group is in the process of being chartered through Rotary), provided the training.  Topics ranged from visioning, strategic planning, sustainability, community development, ethics, working as one unit for the benefit of the community, to name a few.​

Feedback from village leaders about the training includes:
  • "The training has enriched my knowledge.  We learned about many issues that I was not aware of, such as the role of a leader in the village."
  • "Since the training, I understand better what I have to do to be a leader.  The responsibility to be a leader is within each of us."
  • ​"Learning about the difference between a good leader or a negligent leader has inspired me to be a dedicated leader, a responsible leader.  I can't expect other people to do it; it is my responsibility."
  • ​"I learned there is no way to be successful if I don't take leadership seriously, if I am not accountable to my role as a leader in the village."
  • "Learning about good communication as we work together to make a better village was important to learn.
  • "In Haiti there is a lack of understanding of even what leadership is.  The training enriched my understanding of this."
  • "Servant leadership is not real in this country.  But, with the forming of the Leadership Council and this training, people are becoming involved.”