“He who has clean hands and a pure heart, who does not lift up his soul to an idol or swear by what is false, He will receive blessing from the Lord and vindication from God his Savior.”

Psalms 4: 4-5

With the generous support of the SG Foundation, Timberwood Church, Union Congregational Church, Rotary, and many other supporters, a sanitation system became operational in March 2014.  This has been an extensive project, and continues to develop as we look to make the waste management site a regional site.  The project involved many phases:

Community Information/Education Meetings, October/November 2013

Community meetings were held in the village to discuss the sanitation project and get community input. Villagers were informed that funding had been received for a sanitation system from Timberwood Church, the SG Foundation and other donors.  In addition, they were informed of the project’s goals and benefits for individual families and the community at large.

Private Compost Toilets Delivered, November 2013

100 private compost toilets were delivered to Garde Saline. Villagers were trained how to use and sanitize the toilet, and the paid $2 to help cover costs.

Compost Facility and Storage Shed Constructed, February 2014

The 24’ x 28’ compost shed/facility was constructed, using local contractors and laborers.  The facility holds the waste generated from the toilets, and two maintenance workers develop the compost. In addition, a storage shed was built to house tools and a fence was installed around the site.

Waste Bucket Sanitation and Sterilization, February 2014

A 6’ x 12’ cement slab was poured, and it is used as a base for the initial and second washing station.  In addition, a 5’ x 5’ cement dunk tank was completed, in which the buckets are sterilized with an iodine solution before transporting the buckets back to owners.

Transportation of Waste and Holding Tank, February 2014

A three-wheeler with a flatbed was purchased to pick up and transport waste buckets and water to and from the compost management site, and two workers have been hired as sanitation technicians.

System Operational, March 2014

The system became fully operational, with waste pick-up and delivery started.  Villagers will eventually pay for waste pick-up, bucket sanitization, and bucket delivery.

SG Foundation Site Visit Team Visits Garde Saline, May 2014 and Second Grant Award

The village of Garde Saline, the Leadership Council, and The Faith Project Board of Directors was honored to welcome a site visit team from the SG Foundation on May 26, 2014.  The Team was able to hear, first-hand, how the sanitation system is improving the lives of villagers, and they toured the compost management site and other projects that have been implemented in the village.  We praise God for their support!  In 2015, a second challenge grant was received to build outhouses in which to house the compost toilets.

2015 and 2016 – Rotary Grant Funds Well, Solar Panels, and Equipment Shed

A matching grant from Rotary provided funding to dig a well at the compost site, purchase solar panels to run the well pump, and build an equipment shed.

2016 – Cement Homes Built With Rarely Used Flush Toilets

In 2016/2017, cement homes started being constructed in the village, complete with flushable toilets.  Many families sold or destroyed their individual compost toilets in favor of their flushable toilets, until they realized the work involved with hauling water required to use their flushable toilets.  Thus, most villagers reverted to not using toilets at all.  In consultation with the Leadership Council, it was decided that community compost toilets were the best long-term option.

2017 – Rotary Grant Funds Two Community Four-stall Compost Toilets

With a matching grant from Rotary, two cement, four-stall community compost toilets were constructed in 2017 for the village to use, and they are being used by virtually 100% of the population.  The Leadership Council is requesting two more be built.  Two workers clean the toilets and transport the waste to the compost site every few days.  The compost will be used once the peanut farm has been established on the Council’s Research Farm.


Sustainability Plan Program Area                                                              2012                                       2017

Homes with either an outhouse, compost, or flushable toilet                         5%                                         73%

Households using their home system                                                             5%                                         19%

Is proper sanitation important?                                                                    ——                           Yes—–100%

What is the best system for the village, even with flushable toilets in light of confusion about compost/flushable toilets? (Asked of the Leadership Council in 2016, as homes were being built.)

  • Community Outhouses                            100%

What are the benefits of a sanitation system?

  • Avoid Sickness                                                                                  ——-                                     62%
  • Keep the environment clean                                                              ——-                                     42%      


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