Sustainability Model

“It is God who arms me with strength and makes my way perfect.”

2 Samuel: 33

The village’s plan focuses on developing nine facets of community life: 1) LeadershipCommitment, and Faith at the core – developing leadership and spiritual programming and building a new Baptist Church. 2) Water – providing clean water for consumption. 3) Food – developing sustainable agriculture and fishing capabilities. 4) Medical – providing a medical clinic to serve villages in northeastern Haiti through prevention, education, and treatment. 5) Sanitation – developing a compost sanitation system. 6) Education -starting a Christian school. 7) Business Development – developing a Women’s Micro-Loan program to encourage business and product development. 8) Transportation – improving the condition of the primary road into the village and purchasing motorized vehicles.  9) Housing – building suitable homes for villagers.

We anticipate that it will take ten to twelve years to fully implement the plan in Garde Saline and an additional five years to fully evaluate its effectiveness.  After completion of the plan in Garde Saline, The Faith Project will identify a new village in northeast Haiti in which to continue our work, applying all that is learned from our experiences in Garde Saline.

Sustainable Community Development Plan

Developed by the Leadership Council in Garde Saline, Haiti


“While each component of the sustainable community development model is important, it is the relationship it shares with the other components that will create a sustainable community.  Purified water and good sanitation mean fewer illnesses; fewer illnesses mean healthier people to work on farms to grow food; food means better nutrition and marketable goods, from which small businesses can be created; small businesses mean the exchange of currency to create an economy; an economy means the possibility of housing, good schools, and advanced education.  The opportunities to relate one component to the others will grow exponentially.”  

Rick Adams, Co-founder of The Faith Project


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